Our Aspiration


You are free to become what you desire.


The Z in Z Lingerie represents the number zero.

From the inside out, let you define yourselves.

Liberate your body from barpads and push-up.

Unrestrict your body image from the social norm.


「Zero discomfort. Zero stress. Zero preconception.」

Let’s celebrate different ways of beauty In this society of rules.



Brand story


As the director of Z Lingerie, Lee believes that all women should spoil themselves in every aspect of life.
As a result, Lee is always searching for the most exceptional and seductive lingerie made by designers worldwide.
Our goal is to promote lingerie of the most stylish fashions, with a focus on women in Asia.

Since many Asian women worry about sagging or flattened-out breast types, many are less willing to wear wireless or non-padded bras. Lingerie brands in Asia thus proudly advertise their success in tying up the chest, which sometimes leaves marks.
However, we argue “Every body is beautiful   and should be pampered with comfort.
That’s why only brands with the best materials are chosen by us.
Aside from high quality, trendiness is also important to us.
By introducing new looks blooming in Europe and USA, we dedicate ourselves to promote fresh styles to Asian.

Every piece in Z Lingerie is created from the highest-quality materials to feature a luxury sensuality.
You can find our designers use Swiss embroidery, soft Italian mesh, exquisite lace from France which embellish the look, combining with adjustable straps to fit your shape perfectly.