The owner of Z Lingerie, Zavina Chen, is always searching for the most exceptional, unique, and seductive lingerie made by designers worldwide. We aim to promote the fashion of stylish lingerie-look to women, especially in Asia.

Every piece in Z Lingerie is created from the highest-quality materials to feature a luxury sensuality. You can find our designers use Swiss embroidery, soft Italian mesh, exquisite lace from France which embellish the look, combining with adjustable straps to fit your shape perfectly.

Please message us through Instagram, Whatsapp or Line when you need size suggestions.

A purchase from Z Lingerie is a gift to our customers. All the orders will be perfectly wrapped in boxes. We also provide delicate cards if the purchase is for somebody special. You can simply leave the message on the remark.

“Too many desires, too many wishes, too little time.”

We hope everyone here dig out the deepest lust and embrace yourself with love.

Zavina Chen

Zizi Su
Marketing Executive

Issac Lee
Customer Support